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The Best Barbershops in Ukraine

The Best Barbershops in Ukraine

If you’re looking to find an authentic barbershop in Ukraine or a trendy place to trim your beard, check out this list of top barbershops in Ukraine.

Kult, located in Odessa’s Old Town, is a minimalist shop that also includes a tattoo parlour as as beauty salons. Locally-based studio Sivak&Parters was able to complete the shop’s interior of 100 square meters within three months.

1. Kult

Kult is a role-playing games that has been around since 1991 and has been translated into several languages. The game was originally published by Target Games, the game has seen a few editions and has also received new supplements.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future and is designed to be played by players of all different ages. It’s a game of horror which lets you explore your fears and nightmares.

It’s an activity that requires both players and the GM to be transparent about what you may and should not do during the game. For instance the GM cannot allow you to just sit in the corner and check your phone, telling bad jokes or distracting other players.

This is in line with the publisher’s position regarding player safety. Helmgast is an Swedish company which has released several games including Conan, Star Trek Adventures and Dishonored: The Roleplaying Game.

In addition, the person who is the game’s GM is expected to make an effort to avoid violence and inappropriate behavior in the game. Before a session can be started, it is important that all players are aware of the rules and have signed up to them.

Kult is an RPG that is different from other RPGs when it comes to monsters. Contrary to other fantasy RPGs which tend to be more friendly and include a statistics for the monsters, Kult has many horror-themed creatures.

You can find these creatures in the world’s many hell realms, which are all part of the game’s world. These hell realms are dark cold, dangerous and often inhabited by people who suffer from mental illness.

There are many things you can do to help your character survive and even escape from the most dangerous parts of the world. One way is to become the Soulsaving Crusader.

Another is to become a Torture Technician. The latter can help to defeat the enemies you encounter, while the former can grant your character a specific weapon or power.

These abilities can help you overcome the obstacles that your character faces in a world full of chaos and evil. They can also help you make yourself stronger than the monsters that are out to kill and destroy you.


In Ukraine there is a barbershop culture that has been developing quite fast. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

One of the most popular Ukraine barbershops is BRAZOR which is where you can get a well-groomed hairdo for just under UAH 250. The shop also features an outdoor terrace and an bar, as well with a games room that can easily be hired for small groups. It’s the perfect spot to spend some time with your friends.

Another alternative is Daboroda which is where you can have cut that resembles an intricately sculpted work of art. You can also relax in the spa-like environment inside the salon with coffee or a cup of tea after your cut.

The salon offers a superb haircut, as well as an innovative facial shave. It comes with an oil-infused cold lavender towel wrap as well as a relaxing face massage and a cool after-shave. This is the only one in Kiev to include this particular feature.

It’s also the most affordable men’s-only barbershop in town, where you can have an old-fashioned head-to-toe shaving for under UAH 250. The shop is owned and operated by two brothers. They’ve been in operation for many years.

The most impressive thing about this shop is that the owners have managed to bring the old-school vibe to modern day Kiev. The store is in the process of being revamped to look like a retro barbershop, with an expanded hot-shave area and more seating, said the owner Mike Myers. The company is also planning to build a non-alcoholic bar along with a dartboard, and wooden chairs in the near future.

3. Hottabych

Located in the downtown area This bar is one of the most sought-after spots in town. People praise this bar for its friendly staff, great food and exceptional service. The bar has a wide variety of drinks at very affordable prices.

The owner of this cosy bar is extremely creative and knows how to treat his patrons. He is also well-known in the area for his work.

He is also known to use various tricks in his work. He will make his guests feel relaxed and at ease through his magic.

So, he is often praised. This bar is very well-known in the Ukraine and you must visit it if you’re looking for a great night out!

This film is based on the book Old Man Hottabych written by Lazar Ginzburg. The story tells the tale of Volka, a boy who discovers a sealed vessel in the Moscow River, and then uncovers an Oriental genie named Hassan Abdulrahman Imn Hottab waiting for him. Volka is grateful for releasing him from his two thousand years-long confinement and the genie becomes his keeper. The genie gives him presents and takes him on a wonderful adventure to show his gratitude.

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