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Social Trading Learn What It Is and How You Can Get Started

It is important to make sure that you understand exactly what you are doing and have an appropriate risk management strategy in place. Copy-trading allows copying positions of another trader, and lately, it has become more popular. There are many traders who create ‘People-Based’ portfolios to invest in other investors instead of trading themselves. This is an international ECN broker who is also very active, particularly in Asian and African markets. PrimeXBT is a copy trading platform that allows traders of all experience levels; from experienced to novices alike. It helps Professional traders to monetize their skills by allowing others to copy their strategies.

This way you can not only increase your followers but also your copier-base. Sure, auto copying other traders from all around the world is important and necessary but a connection between traders is what makes the whole experience much useful and incentive. We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content trading silver forex and tools. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. Everyone can start copy trading by opening an account with a copy trading provider, choosing a trader, and clicking “follow”. Liquidity risk usually arises when trading with illiquid instruments, such as exotic Forex pairs, exotic cryptocurrencies, or low-cap stocks.

The biggest drawback of this trading method is that you have to mirror everything. Following is a handpicked list of copy trading apps and platforms with their popular features and website links. Social trading technology gives any smartphone user an amazingly efficient passive income tool. When copying trades, you don’t do anything special but tap the screen of your smartphone letting your money work for you, while you get busy living. The section is conveniently divided into four topics, each containing several lessons from social trading basics to managing risks and building personal strategies.

  • You will have access to all the necessary information on a chosen trader, including Balance and Equity so you can understand if a trader’s achievements meet your needs.
  • This best forex copy trade service provider uses the MQL5 language, the automated trading software that runs on your computer and trades on behalf of you.
  • If you use a VPN service, make sure you are connecting from the country that is authorized for services.
  • Any newcomer has three tries to invest with zero risk, using FBS CopyTrade.

As a result, traders can immediately and efficiently get information. It is well known that trading and investing in the financial market are becoming increasingly popular due to simple access, affordable initial deposits, and attractive profits. Nowadays, there are several modern methods designed for traders who either can’t or do not wish to be involved in every part of daily trading. For example, they can use social or copy trading, PAMM, or MAM accounts. In the platform of these brokers you just search among other traders who share their strategy, trading ideas, and historical performance. After you find the most suitable trader for your needs you can replicate their activity by one click.

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Therefore, you don’t need to wait until you have all the necessary knowledge to start earning. Imagine an experienced trader and a beginner trader sharing a desk, they sit next to each other. The experienced trader can talk and show all of his activities to the beginner so that the latter can learn and even profit as the experienced one is doing. With social trading, this is exactly what is happening but on a larger scale. Experienced traders can share their trades on a social trading platform, so that other traders can follow and copy them.

We offer you a good choice of some of the most well established copy trading services. We also collaborate with signal providers to get you market alerts and trading notifications. Copy trading ties up your account with another trader in that their positions are automatically replicated in your account. Copy trading is more passive because the trader does all the work you are copying, and in most cases, the process is entirely automated.

If you’re ready to find an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals, get started now. Also, think about how much of your portfolio you want to dedicate to social trading. Since the risks may be higher, it could make sense to stick with a smaller allocation, say no more than 5% of your total portfolio.

And through its Spike Protocol, it will be able to verify all trading transactions to ensure there is no falsification of information. Krisztián has 15 years of experience in proprietary trading, mainly in the interbank currency market as a foreign exchange risk manager. He received his MSc degree in International Business from the University of Middlesex.

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Using social media in different forms has grown to all financial service providers. The gains are promising but losses are not insignificant either. It is a sophisticated and beginner-friendly trading method but still isn’t magic.

what is social trading

The demo account is completely free and unlimited for users, and they can try all the eToro trading and social features. Has to its credit the first technology trading app designed to help the average investor understand the nitty gritty of the trading market. The verified real-time updates help the investor in ascertaining the reasons for the spike in the trading market.


Moreover, traders could use the social trading concepts while still maintaining command over their transactions by employing a variety of signals and indicators. Social trading can serve as verification for other types of analysis by observing market sentiment and other traders’ activities. The fund manager of a PAMM account enables legacyfx reviews proportional trade allocation to all combined sub-accounts based on balances, equity, or margin level. In this situation, a fund manager may divide trades among sub-accounts based on lots or equity percentages. In comparison, MAM offers a variety of allocation strategies that let traders set the level of risk they want to take.

what is social trading

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ZuluTrade supports over 40 forex brokers, one of which being their integrated solution . It allows investors with existing brokerage accounts to link a new account via their existing broker easily. Naga is a copy trading platform that automatically copies your trade. It helps you to discover other investor’s stats on the leader board and select who to copy to get the highest profit in your trade. A quality social trading app like FBS CopyTrade will always get you protected from significant losses. Such automated software tools as Stop Loss and Take Profit automatically close the order with a particular amount of loss and profit.

In these trading methods, companies combine their top traders’ strategies to produce reliable and accurate signals for their consumers. Today, it is considered an ideal method as it is much improved with big data and artificial intelligence. As a result, mirror trading is relatively accurate and predictable; they are perfect for investors who want to know all the forex trading. Yes, copy trading is legal in most countries, provided that the broker itself is properly regulated. When investing in the financial markets using a regulated-broker and legalizes your account and the traders carried within them. However, all of these completely depend on your country that you are living in.

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It also requires the follower to have a basic knowledge of trading. Similar to social networks, the social trading platform offers a similar rating to experienced traders, where they share their trading tactics and other information. Many of them include user reviews and overall performance ratings.

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