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How to Make a Messaging App: Things You Should Focus On to Succeed

For the update and final deployment, think of advanced options that will bring value. Integrating top social channels and developing a more personalized user experience can help your product succeed on the market. The idea is to start a messaging app with core features and unique selling points represented by the unique experience and exciting features.

Any reliable social media app development company can tell you how important a video calling feature is for any social media or social messaging application today. Every trending application such as Instagram and Snapchat supports the video calling feature, however, Whastapp started the trend since this was an important feature for the field. The mobile app development cost may also vary as per the skills and location of the mobile app development company you are hiring for your project. Some of these roadblocks are technical in nature, while others crop up on the business side. Teams that anticipate the following chat app development challenges in their earliest planning stages will greatly improve their odds for success.

multi messenger platform development

With more than 25 years of experience in digital marketing, we have the knowledge and skills to help you create a plan that brings your business success. The development of social messaging apps has become an effective way to engage customers. Billions of people access messaging apps every day, so it’s increasingly important that your business takes advantage multi messenger platform development of them too. Scalability is one of the key factors that separates enterprise-grade chat products from inferior competitors. Scalable chat infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with performance and reliability, and it’s difficult to fix late in the game. The problem is that early in the development process, it can be hard to imagine hitting ambitious usage goals.

Team Size

The client Skype apps include the C library to support the low-level app functionality. To mention, Skype is a cross-platform product, and only a thin layer of client apps uses Java and Objective-C for Android and iOS apps correspondingly. App users should have the possibility to create a personal account.

multi messenger platform development

Technical specification details your project requirements and the plan to reach the goals. Once the requirements are formulated and approved, the development team can start working. For instance, branded stickers can promote a company’s upcoming products. Brands can also fund rewards for users who complete specific in-app actions.

What else to consider when building a real-time chat app?

As one of the most secure messaging apps for enterprises, Brosix prouds itself with adhering to highest security standards. Besides security, their features include powerful administration and control, customizable branding, real-time communication, and other teamwork features like screen sharing and whiteboard. It offers not only secure communication between team members, but also with customers.

multi messenger platform development

I have used NodeJS here because, right out of the box it can handle 100,000 concurrent users on a single core of your server. But this complexity wasn’t paid attention to when the project was started. Subsequently, GoSnap’s founder had to face weeks and weeks where the app wasn’t able to work. Now, GoChat on the other hand was serving 600 requests/second with a little over 2 Million users in their database. Enterprise Application Development Develop or Modernize existing legacy apps to advanced applications. “Thanks to we were able to consolidate 5 different channels into a single platform, making it easier to automate, monitor, and make changes.”

The 3-5 month of development corresponds to $30,000 – $50,000 for one platform . At this cost, usually, you receive a team of 4-6 specialists like iOS/ Android developer, Backend developer, QA engineer, Project manager, Designer. Any software development consists of special services like UX/UI design, Architecture planning, iOS development, Android development, Backend development, Quality Assurance, etc.

Chat App User Adoption, Engagement, & Retention

One of the original apps for instant messaging, Skype began in 2003 as a peer-to-peer platform for IM and calling capabilities. Skype still offers individuals and small teams reliable instant messaging, voice and video calling and screen sharing. Even though it is important for keeping your data secure by encrypting the messages that get exchanged, encryption is nowadays a standard feature of secure chats. On our list, all 18 messaging apps are encrypted – both consumer and business-oriented solutions. Zulip is one of the most secure messaging apps on the market – but it doesn’t implement end-to-end encryption.

  • If you’re using an SDK solution that includes a chat UI kit, you can save time by customizing existing components or even using them as they come.
  • Use Sunshine Conversations to beef up sales, support internal helpdesks, manage vendors, and track deliveries.
  • The following items can be adjusted or rearranged according to your project requirements and deadlines.
  • You can use these apps to build a better relationship with your audience and engage with them more.
  • You’ll need to invest equally in development across each platform or risk delivering a disappointing and inconsistent experience.

Take iMessage reactions, which Apple calls “Tapbacks,” for example. Most new messaging apps fail to achieve widespread adoption, unable to combine reliable performance at scale with the engaging, addictive user experience it takes to make an app go viral. Careful examination of what the following top chat apps do right — and where they fall short — should produce valuable insight to inform your own chat app build.

of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

So, if you have a unique business idea that is capable of offering a unique user experience, you must invest in the social media messaging app ecosystem. For instance, Telegram is one of the apps that has made it to the most downloaded messaging apps of the world as it offers heavily encrypted self-destructing chat modes to the users. In addition to this, the app has a wide range of stickers that makes way for an increased user engagement. The features integrated into your app further affect the cost of WhatsApp-like app development.

multi messenger platform development

There’s a group chat feature allowing only admins to send instant messages. A strong tech stack for your mobile app further impacts the development costs. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media messaging apps across the world with a growing user base every month. Now, backing this app is an entire stack of scalable technology that helps keep the level of innovation intact but also impacts the costs. Although it’s possible to launch an MVP with only the basic features above, the truth is that today’s users expect more. Leading chat apps continue to innovate, adding features that make it easier, faster, and more fun to send and receive messages.

High-end app security and protection is the number one task during messaging app development. It is necessary to provide personal data protection, message encryption, and build secure project architecture. Moreover, once read, all content is deleted after 100 seconds – or 24 hours if left unread. Although Dust’s focus on safe texting puts them high on the list of most secure messaging apps, many say it lacks some basic features.

Open-source Chat and Messaging Development SDK and Frameworks

The app allows voice posting on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook using bluetooth glasses and other wearables. Another helpful feature of a WhatsApp like social media app is chat labels. Businesses can label certain chats and then categorize them accordingly. Chat labels help the businesses categorize and customize according to colors, types of chat, new customer, new order, pending payment etc. Since you’re willing to build a chat app like WhatsApp, it’s indisputable to incorporate a messaging feature, which can be one on one chat or a multi-user chat. WhatsApp developers use customized XMPP which enables message delivery.

Vartika Kashyap is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub and has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018. Her articles are inspired by office situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click. Chat – Easily create a chat per location, project, department or even start a private dialogue by browsing work contacts. When developing a complex application like Telegram are majorly four-fold.

It is also regularly audited externally, which makes this real-time chat and email threading solution a trusted choice. Threema is regularly audited by external experts and is constantly named one of the most secure messaging apps on the market. One of Singal’s most famous advocates is Edward Snowden, which speaks enough of its security.

Flock offers the core chat features you’d expect from a business messenger software – chat channels, direct messages, group messages, threaded replies, and alerts and notifications. Users in search of order will love Chanty for its Teambook feature. Teambook keeps messages, links, contacts and tasks organized by folder in one location.

Customer Service

Integrating bot to your app has very high percentage of increasing user engagement. React Native provide event listeners to implement read/unread message indicators. In iOS, stickers for iMessage can be created using Xcode 8 and swift. When it comes to Android, stickers for GBoard can be created using Firebase indexing API.

When it comes to hosting options, users can set up their own server, or opt for decentralized data storage. Discord puts strong emphasis on privacy and security of their conversations. They don’t sell data nor share it with third parties for advertising purposes. Additionally, Discord offers several control systems to parents whose children use it. An interesting addition to Rocket.Chat’s offering is the omnichannel feature, which allows organizations to put all their communication – even with customers – under one roof.


It granted that no one could interfere in your messages preventing potential eavesdropping. When people start questioning their personal data usage, the demand for such safe messengers rose quickly and Telegram took the spot. Some people don’t like social media because there are “too many people”. Any user can see the general information about you or see your photos and even use this information against you. If we are talking about messengers, there you can choose what information you want to share with other people.

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