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10 Best Payroll Software for Small Business Users in 2022

best payroll solutions for small businesses

SurePayroll offers an easily navigated payroll dashboard that provides access to all payroll features. The application has simplified the payroll entry process, minimizing the amount of data entry needed. Patriot Payroll offers easy, intuitive navigation, and the cost includes complete program setup.

  • If you plan to expand your business globally, Papaya Global is a great option for payroll processing.
  • Tax agencies can assess stiff fines if payroll filings and taxes aren’t received by the scheduled dates.
  • RUN Powered by ADP offers four plans, with many of its more powerful features only included in the top two plans.
  • Setup fees ranged from $25 to $200, but reps often offered to waive the fee if we signed up immediately.
  • Payroll software is the first to enter the HR cycle in any business.

It offers both phone and email support, available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. If customer support is one of the most important things to you, then this is a great option. Deluxe offers a variety of services to businesses, including marketing and business development, in addition to payroll and HR services. It comes to the platform along with accounting, invoicing and payment processing for small businesses—replacing a laundry list of tools for many entrepreneurs.

Choosing Payroll Software

A basic payroll solution helps you pay employees and, on some platforms, contractors. Use it to facilitate direct deposit as well as to manage payroll checks, taxes and reporting. Get access to payroll for W-2 and 1099 workers, automatic tax payments and filing and an employee self-service portal for self-onboarding, documents and PTO tracking. You can manage benefits including insurance and retirement plans with access to most major providers. If your business offers benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans, you can create records for them that outline the cost to employees and any company contributions. Or, in the case of sites like Intuit QuickBooks Payroll and Rippling, you can work with a third-party provider. The required amounts will then be deducted during the payroll process and submitted to these providers.

  • Lastly, you’ll pay federal and state taxes owed and keep a record of all payroll and taxes.
  • However, some said that its mobile app has limited features and is glitchy with occasional login errors.
  • If you’re looking for a no-frills, straightforward payroll solution, then SurePayroll is your best pick.
  • It posted the lowest score in HR functionalities because it doesn’t offer new hire onboarding and employee benefits that most of the payroll software in this list provides.
  • Patriot software offers a free trial where you can try all its premium features.

Additionally, you might pay your employees a fixed monthly salary, hourly wages or a base wage plus commissions or tips. You can process payroll manually, outsource it or use a payroll service platform. Payroll refers to the total compensation a company pays employees for their work.

Find the Right Online Payroll Service for Your Business

For any business that deals with payroll, finding out what is the best payroll software for small businesses can be a tricky task. Small businesses generally have limited resources to work with when it comes to money, time, and payroll. They are also much more prone to going through payroll several times in a month and can use software that has an easy interface for running their payroll.

What is the most significant payroll challenge for small businesses?

Maintaining accurate employee payroll records is critically important for compliance yet this is the biggest challenge for small businesses.

However, given the price and the needs of small businesses, it’s hard to recommend Paychex with more affordable payroll services offering similar features. With a PEO-style offering and a service catering to larger organizations looking for advanced features, Paychex is one of the most expensive payroll services we reviewed. Small businesses looking for payroll support and HR help should check out their features and prices before signing up. Patriot Software is an easy-to-use online payroll service that helps small businesses manage their payroll quickly, understand the process, and get accurate results. Additionally, businesses can use payroll data to generate reports on employee productivity, budgeting, and compliance. With the right payroll software in place, companies can gain valuable insights into their workforce and make more informed decisions about their payroll processes. Small business payroll companies generally offer plans that scale up as your company hires.

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